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  • Plastic round black 1 gallon nursery pots wholesale

    2019年7月31日 by

    These plants are best placed in the summer, some plants planted in the winter of the public, and placed indoors in the summer, may cause harm to the human body. The reporter interviewed the experts and learned that some plants, the public is best to move outside in the summer. Brown bamboo: Also known as… Read more

  • cheap 6 8 12 18 20 32 36 40cell seedling trays wholesale

    2019年8月25日 by

    Generally, only scattered light can be provided to ensure smooth ventilation in the curing environment, and the ambient temperature and air humidity should be appropriate. After the plants have successfully served, they will gradually resume normal maintenance management( greenhouse pots ). When we found that there was too much watering, Yulu was drought-tolerant and water-resistant.… Read more

  • plastic nursery nutrition bowl bags seed nursery pots cup

    2019年8月12日 by

    Flowers are extremely important plants in modern garden art, with a wide variety, colorful and ornamental. We often see a variety of flowers indoors and outdoors, but little is known about how to grow flowers, so many people take care of flowers. There are many types of flowers and a wide range. It includes not… Read more

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Fertilizer is the source of nutrients needed for flower growth, which directly affects the growth and development of flowers. For different plants, at different stages of growth, timely and appropriate application of the required nutrients, in order to make the flowers grow lush foliage, flowers and flowers. Fertilizer formed by organic fertilizer, animal residue or excrement after processing and fermenting(plastic plant pots). The nutrients contained in the organic fertilizer contain complete nutrients. After being applied to the soil, the nutrients are gradually decomposed. Although the effect is slow, the fertilizer is long, and the soil can be improved, which is beneficial to the development of the root system and the beneficial fungi of the soil.

When the surface of the potting soil is grayish, the second water is poured again. This not only prevents the roots from decaying and shrinking, but also promotes new roots and quickly restores growth. After the flower seedlings resume growth, follow the flower habits and move to a sunny place or a shed to transfer to normal maintenance. In combination with the upper pot, the woody flower plants should be properly trimmed, and the long roots, the diseased only, the dense ones, and the broken ones should be cut off. By trimming, the evaporation of water from the plants is reduced, which is beneficial to the survival.

When planting, first put the soil in the pot. When the plant is planted together with the soil ball, fill it and fill the soil ball that the plant originally brought. It does not need to be too deep (except for some special plants). After the plants are planted, the next step is to slow down the seedlings. If you do not need to change the pots, you can skip this step and go directly to the slow seedlings. Watering after changing the basin is a must. It is best to pour through it. Do not pour half of the water. This watering is also called root water. The purpose is to make the root and soil tightly combined.

It may be that the roots are not growing well and need to wait, especially the meat that has just been bought. Rotten roots. After checking by one method, it is found that the roots are loose, the ground is unstable, and even the stems close to the soil can be seen to be pulled out for inspection. If there is a bad root, the amputation is to a good section, and the hair is re-dried. If the center of the pole is black, the leaves are quickly raked and the leaf is backed up. The old leaves are wrinkled, and all of the above may be normal metabolism, which can be managed without normal management.

It is recommended to use a pressure watering can to prevent this from happening. Add fertilizer: first put a layer of culture soil, as long as the soil can cover the red jade soil below, and then add a small amount of fertilizer. However, when placing potted flowers, they should be placed according to the adaptability of various flowers to temperature and light(15 gallon pot). The upper layer can be placed in Milan, jasmine and succulent plants. The middle layer can be placed in rhododendron, camellia and bamboo. Under the bottom and the flower stand, some shade-resistant foliage plants, bonsai or piles can be placed.

Soil with trapped grain structure. Therefore, to engage in horticultural plant breeding, we must study the breeding habits and characteristics of all kinds of national art plants, and the breeding strategies, methods and procedures of integrating store and sample. For example, free pollination buildings often self pollinate when the pollination conditions of different forests are not suitable, such as semen, apricot (some varieties), mustard, Yuzhou rape, etc. They are all open deceptive experiments, with developed flowers and nectaries that attract insects to pollinate.

Such as right bamboo and incense. Because the pH of the earth glass affects the absorption of the eye system, in the acid earth filling, it is better at the absorption of marketable hydrogen. The filling has moderate gas making and cost making capacity, and the granular structure and rotten quality of the filling have good water holding capacity. If the filling does not pay attention to the application of organic fertilizer in the production process, but often applies chemical fertilizer, it will also cause the compaction of the filling, reduce the gas making and cost making capacity, and cause visual training failure or reduced effectiveness.

The preparation is completed and the transplant is started. Prepare the container: Prepare a container that is larger than the original flower pot. Design: Consider where you want to plant the plant in the 1 gallon nursery pots. The position of the plant is placed in the middle or on the side, depending on your preference. Adding red jade soil: After ordering the plant position, start adding large-grained red jade soil, which is about one-third of the height of the flower pot, which can make the drainage smoother.

River sand should also be properly added to the clayey soil filling. Organic fertilizer should be de fertilized. Fox manure, green manure and compost should not be simply beneficial to parents. The most suitable soil fill for most flowers is sandy end soil. The fill is the garden soil, and the fine phosphorus of the soil is moderate. In neutral and slightly alkaline soil filling, it is conducive to the absorption of ammonia nitrogen. When acidic soil plants are cut in alkaline soil, they are prone to chlorosis (yellowing of leaves), and the absorption of manganese, zinc, copper and sulfur decreases.

The system and temperature need to be maintained, so the clayey wall soil with deep boundary of topsoil should be used. If the groundwater level is too thin, the groundwater cannot be transmitted up, and the water forced by the ground will soon swim into the lower layer of the soil. This kind of soil not only causes waste of water resources and artificial waste, but also suddenly it is difficult to ensure the appropriate humidity required for the growth of flowers. At the same time, due to the lack of nutrition in the soil fill, the artificially added melt will also be lost with the drainage bottle water, resulting in waste.

The formation of protoplasm and white matter promotes the development of roots. Calcium can be directly absorbed by plants, so that the volume of plants is integrated. In the acid soil filling area, lime calcium can be used, which has the function of improving the soil environment. The types and properties of the soil environment are different, and the types of flower waste are more numerous. Each flower and its different development periods have different requirements for soil filling, and according to the different loading purposes, the different requirements of flower waste for soil filling are determined.

Different waste flowers should be given different soil filling conditions, and the requirements of all kinds of waste flowers on soil filling also have common characteristics. Here is a general description of the requirements of all kinds of waste flowers on soil, and each kind of waste flowers should be treated concretely in practice according to its characteristics. Italian flowers and plants generally have no strict requirements on soil(5 gallon nursery pots). Except that sandy soil and heavy forest soil are limited to a few species that can grow, other soil can meet the requirements of a variety of flowers and plants.

At the same time, biennial flowers grow abandoned, and the species that bloom in summer are the driest soil. Sandy soil filling is not suitable because it leaks books too quickly and builds coagulation times too often. It should not be applied to moist deep layer and soil with enough organic matter, so as to avoid the toxicity of hydrogen sulfide to eyes. Because of the high temperature in summer and the high ground temperature, it is easy for the clayey soil to fill the root. When the moisture is too large, the blocking type and two words will occur due to damp and heat. Zhejiang is suitable for official filling and sandy filling.

The acidity of soil fill can be increased with the selective rain in the atmosphere containing sulfur dioxide and some acid pesticides. For alkaline soil, when aluminum sulfate and alkali are used for neutralization. The root system of flowers with shrunk roots is slightly larger than that of one or two-year-old flowers, and it is deeply buried. The soil layer should be 40 ~ 50 wrong. And because perennial flowers generally do not move for several years after planting, a large amount of organic fertilizer should be applied during planting to maintain a long-term good soil environment structure.

Due to the poor disease resistance of the net at the young seedling stage, it requires good soil moisture and air circulation, and does not like clayey soil, so the humus non rich sand land is better: after the second year of planting. The management is generally extensive, and it is suitable to use clay fill. Learn from bulbous flowers because the bulbous cost is relatively high. If the acidity of soil filling exceeds a certain limit, it will also affect the absorption of nutrients by plants. Therefore, soil improvement must be carried out when the open field flowers are loaded on the wall.

If the soil is too wet, it is easy to cause bulb rot. Therefore, bulbous inflorescences have strict requirements on soil. Generally, it is appropriate to fill the sandy fill area with rich humus and good drainage, and the sandy fill with deep topsoil and good sandy gravel soil in the lower layer is the best. But xiaoxiangyu(nursery trays wholesale). Fengzuozi, lily, Lycoris and bujinxiang are more suitable for clayey soil. For this content, please refer to the section “seed compactness” in Chapter III.

Therefore, the nutrients in soil essence must be rich, and the physical properties of soil filling are good, so the greenhouse flower waste must be artificially prepared to meet the needs of its growth and development. 1、 Biennial flowers in sandy soil with good drainage. It can grow well on fill and clayey soil, and poor on heavy forest soil and excessively light soil, with deep surface, high groundwater level, moderate dryness and rich organic matter.

Some plants mainly like acidic soil, most of which are intended to live in acidic to neutral soil fill, and some flowers like to grow in alkaline soil fill. Wenjia flowers are usually limited to pots or planted in cultivation beds, with limited soil filling. Autumn Sown flowers will be discarded, such as covering flowers, losing grapes, etc., because there are few lost books in the waiting season. If the subsoil of the wall is mixed with sand, the drainage is good, and the topsoil is a viscous fill rich in humus, and the flowers are better.

Rich roots need less leaf rot soil, and the preparation ratio is: 3-4 parts of leaf rot soil, 5-6 parts of land, and 1-2 parts of tree age. The content of saprophytic soil in the cultivated soil of bulbar eye is the same as that of dense root flowers, but the seedling usually increases to 5 parts of saprophytic soil. The culture soil used for Wenjia woody flower discarding requires more humus and tenderness during the planting range and the cultivation of parallel seedlings, and the breast leaf soil should be reduced after the plant grows. In the early reproductive stage, too much nitrogen fertilizer will delay the flowering period.

Therefore, the mixing proportion of Wenjia flower culture soil is as follows: seedling, fungus and stem are 4 parts of leafy soil, 4 parts of land, 2 parts of tree sand, 3 parts of rubber tree and Zhu ran are leafy soil, 5 parts of garden soil, 2 parts of river sand, 5 parts of standard paste and Diamond Garden Soil for each child, and 2 parts of river sand(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Phosphate fertilizer can promote seed germination, slow and early flowering and fruiting, and make the foundation develop smoothly. Carry out backcutting to warm the development of root system and enhance the resistance to adverse environment and insect density.