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Generally, only scattered light can be provided to ensure smooth ventilation in the curing environment, and the ambient temperature and air humidity should be appropriate. After the plants have successfully served, they will gradually resume normal maintenance management( greenhouse pots ). When we found that there was too much watering, Yulu was drought-tolerant and water-resistant. Its fleshy “Robgen” was easily rotted due to excessive watering. During the slow seedling period, it was necessary to control the light. After a while, the mother leaves would Germination began to appear.

Because spreading will inevitably cause some of the seeds to be too close to each other, nutrient competition will occur during the budding, thus reducing the rate of emergence. After placing the seeds on the culture soil, we will use a fine mouth pot to spray water and moisturize. Then, the seedling bed is covered with a transparent plastic film or transparent glass sheet, which can effectively reduce the water loss and achieve the moisturizing effect, which plays a very good guarantee for the seed.

But the roots and healthy branches can still be recovered. We only need to cut off the frosted branches, then put the eucalyptus in a warm environment, and the eucalyptus will slowly sprout. Seeds prepared in advance are sown into the culture soil(cell trays). Seeding is not recommended for sowing. The bottom layer of the basin recommends that everyone use large granules of ceramsite to improve the drainage effect of the pelvic floor. If you do not consider economic factors, then the growth of Yulu will be better.

In the environment of high temperature difference and high humidity, the state of jade dew is the best, so many flower friends choose to suffocate the jade, then the jade can just be swelled in the basin, in fact, it should not be suffocated when the root system is not long. . Suffocating must have a good root system, so that plants will not have problems in a sultry environment. Yulu has a weak root system in the upper basin, which will cause the plant to stop growing in a closed environment, and if it is serious, it will cause the plant to rot.

Then we need to properly topdress so that we can meet their normal growth needs. However, for Yushu, topdressing is usually carried out in the spring and autumn season when the basin is filled with pots or potted for 2-3 years. It is necessary to add some decomposed organic fertilizer as base fertilizer in the pot(plastic nursery pots wholesale). In order to meet the needs of its rapid growth, but also to promote its germination, to maintain its leaves more fresh green, more ornamental conditions can be properly topdressed.

According to the seedling age and transplanting period, more than 50 holes are used for grafting seedlings. Before seeding, the tray should be disinfected first, and the tray can be soaked with the solution of the mildew solution. It can also be disinfected with potassium permanganate solution, especially the old tray. The choice of matrix is ​​an important link in the seedling substrate seedling cultivation. Many seedling factories and vegetable growers in production are caused by the slow selection of the seedlings and the yellow leaves.


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