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Flowers are extremely important plants in modern garden art, with a wide variety, colorful and ornamental. We often see a variety of flowers indoors and outdoors, but little is known about how to grow flowers, so many people take care of flowers. There are many types of flowers and a wide range. It includes not only plants with flowers, but also mosses and ferns. The flowers are not only ornamental, but also have a variety of beautiful and elegant floral meanings.

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Ivy is also a neutral plant that is warm and sunny and suitable for planting in semi-shaded areas. Usually pay attention to the amount of water, keep the soil moist, ventilated and ventilated, and fertilize regularly to grow well. Ivy can effectively counteract carcinogens in nicotine, which absorbs harmful substances through tiny pores in the leaves and converts them into harmless sugars and amino acids.

Palm tree: It can remove ammonia from the air very well. It has the characteristics of strong cold resistance, low tolerance to negatives and low risk of pests and diseases. It is also easy to feed, but usually requires trimming the tip. Suitable for growth in moist neutral or slightly acidic soils(seed starting trays). About the money tree, it is green all year round. The biggest advantage is that it absorbs harmful gases and is carried out by photosynthesis.

It is the best natural humidifier to evaporate one liter of water a day. In addition, it can effectively purify indoor air. Water not only keeps green, it also cleans the pores of the leaves. Green radish can not accept strong light, it is suitable for indoor lighting, watering every day, keeping the soil moist rather than water, water is easy to breed mosquitoes. Fertilize once every two months to make the leaves more shiny and bright, but avoid direct contact with the leaves.

The cultivation of green radish indoors can effectively absorb the chemicals in the air and dissolve the residual odor after decoration. Watering should be watered, and depending on the season and temperature, it is best to keep the soil moist. The green emperor grows at a suitable temperature of 20 to 30 ° C, the air humidity is not less than 70%, and the autumn temperature should be maintained above 14 ° C(fabric planter bags). The basin is replaced once a year in spring and the dead leaves and old leaves are removed to keep the trees beautiful.


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