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Plastic round black 1 gallon nursery pots wholesale

These plants are best placed in the summer, some plants planted in the winter of the public, and placed indoors in the summer, may cause harm to the human body. The reporter interviewed the experts and learned that some plants, the public is best to move outside in the summer. Brown bamboo: Also known as Guanyin bamboo, the fluff on its leaves is easy to breed fungi in summer. Chrysanthemum: The pollen of chrysanthemum easily irritates the respiratory mucosa of the human body during the summer. Various eucalyptus trees: Eucalyptus trees are evergreen, and many citizens like to plant at home.

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But in summer, it has a large demand for water, and moist soil is the most prone to fungi and small bugs. Flowering plants: Florals are easy to breed and recruit mosquitoes, and pollen can cause allergies. A variety of broad-leaved plants: the leaves of these plants are larger than the palms of humans. In the summer, they consume a lot of water and oxygen, and the moist soils are prone to fungi and small insects, and they are also prone to rot and insects in the roots of plants. In the hot summer, the flowers and plants can give people a cool feeling. Many citizens will choose some plants to put them indoors.

Botanical experts say that summer potted plants are very particular, and choosing the wrong type and misplaced it may be counterproductive. The popular mosquito repellent last summer, this year is no longer the main flower in the market, replaced by night primrose and pitcher plants. According to the owner, the floral fragrance of the night scent can repel mosquitoes, and the pitcher plants are more magical and can directly capture mosquitoes. Summer potted plants can repel mosquitoes to purify the air. The reporter went to the Wanbo Flower Garden in the south of the city yesterday. The summer is the lightest time of business here.

In order to stimulate popularity, the merchants in the market launched a summer potted plant, which attracted many citizens. The reporter saw many merchants put a little grass at the door. The reporter sniffed up and smelled the smell of this kind of grass. The owner said that this is called “drug-loving grass”, the smell is fresh, suitable for summer indoor display, “especially the newly renovated home can absorb formaldehyde.” Some plants have advantages and disadvantages when placed indoors.

Although some plants have the effect of purifying indoor air, they should also be selected according to specific conditions. For example, pitcher plants, which are a kind of tropical plants, require the growth environment to be high temperature and high humidity, and the citizens’ homes simply cannot meet its growth needs. The pitcher sac on the pitcher plant can indeed catch mosquitoes, but when it reaches the public’s home, it will not work because of the water and soil in a few days. The yew is a coniferous plant that consumes a lot of oxygen during photosynthesis and will compete with the public for oxygen in the room.

The fragrance of the night scent can deworm, but it emits a lot of carbon dioxide at night, and the strong aroma is not good for people to sleep. If the public is allergic to the scent and pollen, it is even more unfavorable. The roots of houseplants are cramped in small flower pots, and the water storage capacity is very poor. In order to maintain its growth, the public should always water. In summer, the temperature is high, and the moist flower pots are easy to breed fungi and insects, which endangers the health of the public. Therefore, some plants that require a large amount of water, even if they have various effects, are advantageous both.


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